International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools

Recente Tweets
Jacqui Suren with IAAPS at EATS 2013 Berlin

Members visited the A380 simulator of LFT in FRA

Next meetings

The next annual meeting will be on June 24th and 25th 2014 in Frankfurt.

Our last meeting was on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th of November 2013. We discussed the proposals for RMT (rule making task) 194. Three IAAPS working groups will prepare proposals for the next Executive Committee meeting on Mar 26th 2014 in Frankfurt. The subject is how to implement  competency based training. It can be done and examined by selection, theoretical and practical training. The working groups of IAAPS think about how to implement this in the regulations.

The annual meeting was on June 11th and 12th 2013. The first speaker was Frank Hofmann about NGAP from ICAO. A second speaker was Ray Elgy, CAA UK, about the transition to EU-part FCL and their negotiations with EASA. Mike Varney (Airbus)  gave a presentation about Evidence Based Training as endorsed by ITQI. Pieter Mulder  explained the manner to have influence in Brussels (EU parliament). Manfred Mueller spoke about the SKPI's for SMS.

General information

IAAPS is a global association of aviation training organisations formed for the purpose of maintaining and
improving standards of training for aviation personnel and to serve the joint interests of members within the aviation training industry.

Currently representing  member organisations, IAAPS aims to achieve its goals by:
• promoting appropriate standards to authorities and industry
• participating in discussions concerning training standards and methods
• representing members’ interest to authorities, societies, suppliers & other relevant organisations

Your aviation training organisation has to be represented, so join IAAPS!

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How to become a member of IAAPS

IAAPS is an associations of self respecting training organisations. Every aviation training organisation should be a member of IAAPS, as we contribute to a high quality of training of aviation personnel.  

Quote from one of our members.
As you probably know, the issues related to our question have been published last week.

We really appreciate the inputs and feedback you have provided us. It really has helped with some students that were concerned about it.

To become a member you are kindly requested to send your application for membership to the secretary secretary@iaaps.info  with a brief description of the activities of training, to what licence, which training means and how many students per year.  

New LO's for theoretical training

IAAPS chairman Thomas Leoff participates in FCL 002. The  members of IAAPS are consulted for commenting the concept version of new LO's for the theoretical part of pilot training. The concept versions can be found in the members area on the website.